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Friday, 19 October 2018

Most android manufacturers have formed a norm of not giving much when it comes to the internal storage capacity, leaving the users in state where they have to keep thinking about how to manage their internal storage space.

If you are going through the problems of trying to manage your internal memory space there is solution which can work on android 8.1 go edition. Just follow the steps to work it out yourself.

WARNING: Going through the steps would erase any files in the sd-card since the sd-card will be formatted. I suggest backing up your files before proceeding to follow the steps below.

  • An android phone running on android 8.1 (android oreo)
  • A PC with adb and fastboot properly set up, download adb.rar file here. learn how to set up adb at HOVATEK thread.
  • A USB compatible with the phone
  • A class 10 or UHS I and II (high speed memory card)

  • Extract the adb.rar file with winrar.
  • Insert the sdcard in the phone and unmount it in setting.
  • Go-to settings>>developer option>>activate USB debugging.
  • Plug in the phone via a compatible USB cable and establish connection.
  • Head on to the folder where you extracted the content of adb.rar file, while holding the SHIFT key right click on an empty space and click on "Open command window here" in the context menu.
context menu image
  • When the command window opens up, type adb devices and allow connection on the phone when the prompt comes in, if allowed from the phone you will get the result in the image below.
adb devices
  • Next type ADB shell Click ENTER.
  • Then type sm list-disks and click ENTER, a respond with the format disk:178,128 will be shown on your screen. Take note of the number shown.
  • To enable you store apps in your SD-CARD you have three option "mixed", "private", "public", the next command can be changed base on which you prefer.
  • Mixed: Gives the option to set the SD-CARD as both internal storage and also media storage. i.e. segmented.
    Private: Gives the option to set the SD-CARD as just internal storage.
    Public: Gives the option to set the SD-CARD as just media, this is normally the default of the phone.
  • To use MIXED type sm partition disk:XXX,XXX mixed PP, where XXX,XXX represents the number of your SD-CARD that I mention you should take note of mine was 178,128, PP is the percentage of your memory space you want to use as media storage, it range from 10-90. The rest will be used as internal storage.
  • To use PRIVATE type sm partition disk:XXX,XXX private.
  • To use PUBLIC type sm partition disk:XXX,XXX public.
  • Click ENTER after choosing either Mixed, Private or Public.
  • Reboot the phone, head to setting>>Storage>>device storage>>sd-card, you will see your SD-CARD can now be used to store apps. thus, expanding your phone memory.
  • Now click on the vertical three dot menu in the SD-CARD storage and click migrate data.
  • Mission accomplished
for help on this use the comment section for feedback.

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